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Junk Silver in Oakland

Oakland Silver & Gold buys, sells and trades junk silver coins. Mostly the trade in this area is in old U.S. 90% coin silver, which includes:

  • U.S. Mercury Dimes
  • U.S. pre-1964 Roosevelt dimes
  • U.S. pre-1964 Washington Quarters
  • U.S. Standing Liberty Quarters
  • U.S. Barber coins
  • U.S. Seated Liberty coins
  • U.S. Franklin Half Dollars
  • U.S. 1964 JFK Half Dollars
  • U.S. Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Larger amounts of these coins are commonly bought and sold in 'Dollar Face Bags', such as bags with a face value denomination of $1,000, or smaller increments such as $500 face bags. A $1,000 face value bag of quarters would have 4,000 pre-1964 Washington Quarters, with approximtely 715 ounces of pure silver.

OSG also buys, sells and trades world coins and international coins made of coin silver, which was commonly minted in many parts of the developed world until the 1960s. These coins world coins circulating in this area are typically from Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Purities may vary with world coins.

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Junk Silver

Junk silver is an informal term used in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia for any silver coin which is in fair condition and has no numismatic or collectible value above the bullion value of the silver it contains. Such coins are popular among people seeking to invest in silver, particularly in small amounts. The word "junk" refers only to the value of the coins as collectibles and not to the actual condition of the coins; junk silver is not necessarily scrap silver.

Common U.S. coins

The most commonly collected junk-silver U.S. coins were minted before 1965 and include Morgan and Peace dollars; Liberty Head "Barber," Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy half dollars; Liberty Head "Barber," Standing Liberty and Washington quarters; Liberty Head "Barber," Winged Liberty Head "Mercury" and Roosevelt dimes; and Jefferson "Wartime" nickels.


Junk-silver coins may be a desirable method of investing in silver for several reasons:

Low premiums
Coins can often be purchased for little or no premium over the spot price of silver, particularly during periods of economic stability.

Legal tender
Coins remain legal tender and maintain their face value regardless of the price of silver.

Coins are familiar and less likely to have their value disputed than silver rounds or bars.

Coins can be easily spent or traded in small amounts. In contrast, minted silver bullion is rarely smaller than a troy ounce, while minted gold bullion (and other precious metals) is highly valued in even small amounts, like the American Gold Eagle coins.

For these reasons, junk silver is popular among survivalists.

In the event of a crisis or catastrophe during which traditional currency collapses, it is speculated that silver coins could provide a viable alternative, temporarily or indefinitely, while fiat currency, which is not backed by precious metals or other commodities, has no inherent value and can be subject to extreme inflation, even hyperinflation, similar to Weimar Germany, post WWII Hungary and, more recently, Zimbabwe. Proponents of junk silver and other precious metals adhere to the principle that, while fiat currencies have historically been subject to hyperinflation, precious metals will always have inherent value and can act as a medium of financial exchange when fiat currencies are obsolete.

Oakland, Alameda County

Incorporated cities in Alameda County include: Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Dublin, Emeryville, Fremont, Hayward, Livermore, Newark, Oakland, Piedmont, Pleasanton, San Leandro.

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